Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pathetic Post

Hey - just wanted to let my 2 or 3 followers that I am doing ok - I've spent most of my time on Facebook lately. Been busy with work and taking care of things. We are so happy that we have 2 new grandsons! They were born about 2 months apart and both are doing good! Did I mention that both of them are extremely good looking?!

I've only got a few minutes so this post is pathetic! Anyway - if you want to get caught up on my life - find me on facebook - if you aren't already there. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

OAHU Hawaii Oct. 09

We had a really good time with Mom & Fred! It was relaxing and beautiful and was just really nice to hang out and do things together! We swam with the sharks which was super fun - even though I got sick!
Thanks Mom & Fred for going and making it such a meaningful trip!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Blessing

I wanted to share the news - we are expecting Another Blessing in our family! Brandon and Emily are expecting in April. We don't know if it's a boy or girl and frankly we don't care! Being a grandparent is soo much fun! We are excited to have 3 grandkids by this next summer!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A grandchild on the way!

Our youngest daughter Vanessa is expecting!! We are very excited to be grandparents again! It's been so fun with Dylan and we love him sooo much and now we get to have another grandchild and Brandon & Emily are planning to get pregnant later this year - we will be bursting with love and excitement. :)

She has been living in Palm Desert, California but has decided to move home sooner rather than later to be near her family who loves her very much. We truly are fortunate to have a big loving and supportive family!

She and her friend will stay with us until he can get a job in the area to support them. It's not ideal for them - who really wants to live with their parents after living on thier own for 3 years? We have missed Vanessa so much and I have shed many tears the past 3 years! She and I have always been close. I am really looking forward to having her near!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska June 2009

Hey, thought I'd update my blog and post pics of our trip to the Kenai Peninsula Alaska. We went to help Curt's brother Steve work on his cabin. It's located near the town of Sterling - and by town I mean a gas station, a post office and a few small stores off the main road. It's also about 20 minutes to Soldotna. We managed to get the wiring done - and by we I mean that I was the "Vice President in Charge of Construction" and "Lighting Placement" and "Material Handler" which meant that I spent hours in the car to and from Home Depot (yes they have a Home Depot and a Lowes! Walmart to begin construction soon) Curt was acting "Electrician" and Steve was CFO.

Our breaks consisted of "Combat Fishing" on the Kenai River where it meets the Russian River. The Russian River is crystal clear and the Kenai River is blueish green.
I got some great shots of wildlife and scenery. Check out my snapfish site to see all the pictures.

We are looking forward to going back and spending more time at the cabin, the peninsula, Seward, Denali etc. It truly is a trip worth taking if you love beautiful sights!
Until next time.........

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break

I am old enough to know that Spring Break is really for students but when we planned our trip we didn't think about the timing - other than the fact that it worked for our schedules.

We spent 7 nights in Kuaui! Love Love Love Kuaui! We had a great time - enjoying the scenery and each other. Seems like we both work so hard that we don't really take time out to just relax and worry about only each other and not about business and other things.


Above is a link to view our Kuaui Pictures - it's the easiest way for us to share with friends and family. If you have never used Snapfish - it's real easy - just create a user and password. I takes only a minute or two. Seriously. If you decide to look I have to warn you - there are some unflaterring photos and poses!

The scenery is beautiful and we took alot of pictures - which don't really do justice to the real thing! The best part about it is that there are no snakes! I am actually scared to death and freak out - hyperventilate - and my heart beats out of my chest. No joke! Anyway - I was able to hike in the jungle and enjoy nature. It was sooo freeing for me. We got in alot of physical activity which is good.

Other than that - the kids are all doing well. Dylan is super cute and we get to keep him for 8 days when Brandon & Emily go to Oahu! They will bring him up and will come back here before going back to Phoenix. Ideally it would have been better for them if we would have went down there but we are both so busy with work that it made more sense for us. They like to stay with us anyway so it works out fine.

We got a new desktop - actually I had to get it for my business since I have hired a part time gal to help out. Anyway - we ordered it with a webcam so we get to see Dylan and the kids and Dylan gets to see us on a regular basis. It's not the same as hugs and kisses and snuggling but it's the next best thing.

My business is doing well - I am branching out to Seattle as it has a good market for what I do. Works out well because I LOVE Seattle! I have some friends there and it's always good to catch up. Speaking of that - I've got work to do so that's all for now.

Just a reminder - we have plenty of room for the Stephens siblings and families to come and visit. :)

Take care,


Monday, February 2, 2009

More Misc. Pictures

Near Moses Lake Washington - Near Spokane. Curt had gone to the job site in January and took this picture of the ice. It was really cold but it is cool looking.
Solomon Trimble, Me, Issac Trimble. Solomon is in Twighlight - the movie - he plays an Indian - LOL - and part of the Wolf Pack. Issac is also a native american actor. They both split their time between LA and Portland. As it turns out - we have mutual friends in Indian Country and they came to our Tribal Center to help with a Fundraiser for a family. Issac also donated 2 flutes that he made - he is an excellent flute player and Solomon is a very good traditional dancer.

Cami Krise, Me, Mom, Nancy Hansen at the Plankhouse in Ridgefield, WA for the Winter Gathering. Always nice to see friends!!!!

Savannah & Vanessa chillin.